Tree Surgery

Wildwoods Tree Services deals in all aspects of tree surgery from crown lifting and reduction to more extreme processes such as pollarding and felling.

Crown reduction and shaping
This drastic form of pruning, which is allowed in special circumstances only, on certain species of tree, may become necessary for the following reasons:

  • to reduce weight on potentially dangerous branches
  • to balance a mis-shapen tree
  • to prevent trees obstructing or damaging buildings and property
  • to prevent interference with electricity cables

Crown thinning
Mainly undertaken to allow more light through the crown without altering the overall size and shape of the tree. The removal of dead and diseased wood (cleaning) followed by crossing and rubbing branches, should be carried out prior to thinning to the required density.

Removal of overhanging branches
In cases where branches overhang gardens, buildings/structures or neighbouring property, the complete removal of all branches that overhang is usually not acceptable.

Crown lifting
This may be carried out to increase the clearance between ground level and the lower branches to:

  • allow access below the tree,
  • to improve light
  • to allow adequate clearance above the road (17ft. minimum) or public footpath (8ft. minimum)